Rest in Peace Quotes

13 Nov

Here is collection of Rest in Peace Quotes and Sayings for the Loved ones, whom you can never forget in your life, and those who made your life beautiful. These Quotes are Irrespective of Any Religion whether your are Christian , Muslim or Jew doesn’t matter. When some one die, we usually say to comfort his or her soul that , May his Soul Rests in Peace. As we have a believe that this life is not the end of a soul, This life is just a test, and is not meant to continue forever, so when we die, our soul is detached from our body, and goes to other dimension, which we are unable to realize in this world, so to comfort any one’s soul we usually say,

May His Soul Rest in Peace

Actually its Pray for the departed, to live in comfort in other dimension, who may be restless due to his deeds, in this world, so we should always pray for him.

Rest In Peace


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General Rest in Peace Quotes

Here is a collection of rest in Peace quotes in general that can be used for any loved one, wether he is your sister, mother, father, brother or best friend.

Rest in Peace Quotes
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These are the sayings of the Famous People about death, what is death and how they perceive the Reality of death. Death is reality that no one can deny, but its not something to be very afraid of. Read what the Famous People across the Globe say about Death. These quotes will also comfort your grief and will help you to understand different dimensions of death.

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RIP Quotes about Death of Loved Ones

Its Collection of RIP Quotes and saying in particular about the loved ones. Either the Dad, Mom or Friend. And these are inspirational quotes dedicated to these Great Relationships.

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RIP Quotes in Other Languages

This section is about Rest in Peace quotes in Languages other than the English.

Rest in peace Quotes in Spanish

Islamic Concept of Rest in Peace

Here is a topic on Islamic Concept of Rest in Peace Quotes and what Islam says about remembering the Dead Ones. Read it Here.

Rest In Peace Quotes in Islam